Advantages Of CAT-ASVAB For Practice Exams

CAT-ASVAB is an automated test management system that (a) displays questions, (b) points scores and record responses, (c) evaluates ASVAB subtests, (d) calculates AFQT and combined scores for all services, (e) registers and records results electronically transmits the results to the Workforce information and retrieval system and (f) allows flexible start times and personalized reactions.

The CAT-ASVAB subtest measures the same skills as the online ASVAB subtest. One difference is that the ASVAB Auto and Garage Information P&P sub-tests in the CAT-ASVAB are divided into two separate subtests. Tests are also adaptive.

Advantages of CAT-ASVAB:

– Reduce test time

– Live notification

– Reduce evaluation errors

– Standard instructions and procedures

– Improved result accuracy

– Improved test security

– Military recruitment image enhancement

– Results from CAT-ASVAB

– Improved selection and classification of military candidates

– Reduce staff fatigue

In a group-controlled P&P test, all subjects answer the same questions in the same order. Adaptive tests dynamically adjust questions to the individual test subject's performance level. All subjects begin with questions of medium difficulty. If the subjects answered the questions correctly, they would be given more difficult questions. 

If a test taker answers a question incorrectly, he or she gets a simpler question. This pattern continues until the test is complete. Therefore, test takers only answer questions that are appropriate to their level of performance, without wasting time answering questions that are too simple or too difficult.

The CAT-ASVAB item adaptive selection process results in higher test results accuracy and shorter test lengths compared to the ASVAB P&P.

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