All About Wine Tasting Techniques

Knowing how to taste wine is something all wine lovers should know about. If done correctly it will raise the pleasure of wine drinking to new levels. Even if you decide not to follow certain of the more sophisticated methods, some aspects can allow anyone to be able to enjoy wine. You can find the wset courses via to learn about wine tasting.

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The first thing the taster must look at is the cork. This will allow the tasting participant to determine whether the wine has been stored correctly or if it was “corked.” Some recommend smelling the cork however nothing could be gained from the smell of the cork that is not examined by a quick examination.

Try squeezing the cork to determine whether it has any give. If the wine was stored properly the cork should be soft and moist. Also, be sure to look for signs of discoloration or mold. If air has been able to get through the cork, it is not necessary to touch it with your eyes to discover it. 

After you’re satisfied that it is indeed the right one and the wine inside is fine It is now time to pour a tiny amount of wine into the glass. The wine should be swirled to let the flavors out and then lift the glass towards your nostrils.

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