BBQ Chicken Wing Recipe

The choice you may have made is to let them sit overnight and let them absorb the flavor or wait 4 to 6 hours before cooking to marinate.

That way the flavor will have a chance to absorb into the wings. You will want a hot grill before you begin cooking so the wings will cook quickly. You can get more information about products of seafood via

Once the grill is lit, it won't take long to cook the wings all the way through. An average is about 4-6 minutes aside. Don't forget to turn them over so that they don't burn.

You can move them to a cooler zone where the heat isn't so hot and it is more indirect heat if there are some that have not completed cooking. Let them sit for another eight minutes once you remove them from your smoker.

You will want to have time for them to finish cooking and remove them. The meat should be white when done. Cut the largest wing open. You would not want them pink at all. But maybe a pinkish white color if you are smoking them. The only pink you may see is around the bones because of the smoke and that is okay.

Buy enough wings so that everyone gets plenty to eat. One other thing you can do is put them in a big bowl with your choice of sauce and toss them up and flip them around until they are all covered with your sauce you will use. Shortly after covering them with foil for an extra ten minutes, they are ready to serve with your choice of ice-cold drink.

Most bbq style wings you will find are bone-in when you are shopping in a grocery store. But once in a while, you will find boneless wings. The problem is that they are usually frozen. So for that reason, I get bone-in for the grill.

If you have an indoor deep fryer you can cook them this way also. I much prefer the boneless bbq wings. I am glad to see that more restaurants are giving you the choice of either bone-in or boneless. My family likes the boneless wings as much as I do. Enjoy!

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