Chat Bot Software Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

A chatbot is a software program used in conjunction with an online chat service to run an online chat discussion, typically through text or voice-to-voice, rather than giving direct contact with an actual human agent. Unlike many services, such as Yahoo! Answers, which offer live chat support, most chat bot services are web-based only and users need to have a modern Internet browser with cookies enabled to chat on any of these sites. A chat bot can be a useful solution for educational institutions such as colleges and universities, small business owners who want to expand their customer base, and individuals who want to use their regular computers for chatting with friends and relatives.

Many chat bot services are available on several different platforms. Chat Bots for Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Google Android are among the most popular. These programs allow college students, researchers, and individuals with personal use applications the ability to engage in large group conversations from anywhere they have access to a computer. These chat bots can also be used on mobile devices, which include Blackberrys, iPhones, and other devices that connect to the Internet through GPRS. This allows users who do not have computers on their desktops to access information through the Internet, via their phones.

The most popular of these chat bots is the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle uses an e-ink display to display texts, images, and movies. To read books on the Kindle, a user simply highlights the text that they wish to read, and then clicks on "Read". The same technology is used in the Chat Bot software for Facebook. The Chat Bot for Facebook is similar, except that it connects to an actual live agent rather than just reading out loud. Users are able to chat with the agent, get instant responses, and create a network of friends.

Another use for chat bots is for customer service representatives. These chat bots serve as customer service representatives who provide real-time answers to customers' inquiries. Some companies have used chat bots in business settings as a way to handle live customer service calls, while others use them simply as customer support personnel for their own website. Some chat Bots even go by names like "The Social Advisor", "Customer Service Rep", or "live person".

Chat bots also can be used in business settings as a way to gain a better ground when presenting ideas and thoughts to clients or business partners. Many chat bots offer live help tutorials and helpful suggestions during live meetings. Chat Bots are used as an aid in educating and explaining complex information to individuals, as well. A social news site called "Newschool" used a chatbot named "Wise Guy" to educate people about global warming, religion, politics, technology, health issues, and more.

Chat bots are also being used to perform routine tasks and duties. Schools have found that they can use their computers as "virtual classrooms" where students can interact with teachers and each other using multimedia (video, audio, and text) to learn new information. The "Singing Teacher" bot runs a singing contest, and "The Answer Bot" compiles answers to questions. Other examples of chat bots that have become popular include the Penny Auctioneer, a bot that promotes penny auction services, and Newent, which is said to have the ability to predict the future. There are many companies that use chat bots in order to solicit leads, sell products, collect email addresses, or advertise and sell their products and services. The bot "Reynolds Dream Team" allows customers to create a team to get their home cleaned, and "My Spouse Bot" lets you see if your spouse is cheating on you.

Chat bots, whether they be short and sweet or very in-depth, can make life easier. In addition to providing assistance to customers, chat bots can also be used to track, record, collect data, and answer questions. Companies who employ chat bots can also use them to increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time that employees spend chatting with customers, or typing out information for long forms or documents. Chat bots are also being used by the government to help disseminate information, and they are starting to become a mainstay in social networking sites (particularly Twitter).

If you are not sure about whether chat bots are right for your business, it would be wise to ask yourself whether your website visitors' customer service needs would be better served by a bot? Chances are, the answer will be yes! Online chat is becoming an integral part of many businesses because of its increased effectiveness. It can help cut costs, boost profits, and do all of the work while you take care of the rest. Chat bots can work for you whether you are having trouble defining which customer is best served by which service or you are having trouble collecting needed data.

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