Cleaning And Maintaining Refrigerated Display Cases

Proper care and maintenance play an important role in maintaining the optimal efficiency of the refrigerated display cases. The general service life of these devices is about 7 to 12 years.

Cleaning requirements depend on the location of the device and whether there is excess dirt and dust in the area. During normal day-to-day use, your refrigerator accumulates dirt, dust, and organics deep inside its internal components. This build-up can damage your cooling system and force your equipment to work harder.

Weekly or monthly refrigerator cleaning by a experts can help prevent some of these deposits. However, cleaning your refrigerator regularly is the only way to ensure that your refrigerator is operating at optimal efficiency.

refrigeration case cleaning

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Check the temperature every day to make sure it is within the correct range. Clean cabinets thoroughly every week with suitable chemicals. Clean the condenser coil monthly and check the seal for cracks and tears. Check fan motors, compressors, and other locations monthly for loose parts and excessive noise. 

A clogged condenser coil is a major cause of compressor failure, and a water leak can indicate a clogged drain. Condensation on the inside of the door may indicate problems with seals or alignment.

In glass- and solid-door cases, make sure that the door gasket is sealed properly and that the internal surfaces are kept clean.

By cleaning the refrigerator regularly, companies can:

-Reduce energy consumption and costs.

-Avoid damage and costly emergency calls.

-Extends overall device life.

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