Decorating Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

You can choose from a number of themes for your child's bedroom, including animal-inspired, 1970s Parisian and 1970s Moroccan. Alternatively, you can choose primary colours, if your child is more comfortable with bright, simple shades. There are many options available to suit all tastes and budgets as seen on However, keep in mind that there are a number of pitfalls to be aware of before embarking on a design project.

Animal-inspired decor

For a playful and enticing theme, consider using animal-inspired children's bedroom decor. A simple cow theme is easy to implement, and cow themed decor is available in a variety of products, including bean bags, wall stickers, and other items. For a soft, pastel vibe, use colors like pink, baby blue, and peach. Pastel animal decor can be done in a child's room with a neutral tone.

The first place to start when decorating a child's bedroom is the bed. Using pillows with matching animal patterns will not only decorate the bed, but will teach your child the alphabet, as well. A half-dozen animal-print pillows will give the desired effect. Adding a few animals to the decor will make a room feel homier and more complete. While you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, you will find animal-inspired children's bedroom decor easy to work with.

Moroccan-inspired decor

If you're looking for a unique and stylish look for your child's room, consider incorporating Moroccan-inspired children's bedroom decor. This style has Spanish influences and features prominent textures. To achieve this effect, apply plaster or sponge to the walls. Choose darker hues for the walls to hide children's wall artwork. Make sure to incorporate Moroccan lantern-style lighting as well. You can also use Moroccan lantern-style wall hangings to accentuate the Moroccan style.

Another way to add Moroccan-inspired decor to your child's room is to use canopy beds. This style has a distinct feel and is usually paired with vibrant mosaics or other decorative elements. Choose colours that are rich and deep. The fabric you use is key, and you can choose to make your child's room look more sophisticated by incorporating contrasting designs. If your child isn't yet old enough to appreciate the decor, choose modern interpretations of traditional designs. Diamond patterns are always a safe bet.

1970s Parisian decor

A bright, fun child's room is one of the most common goals of parents when decorating their home. Parents who want to create a playful, modern space for their child can look to Paris. Children's rooms in the 1970s were full of bright colors and playful artwork. Photographs taken in the room by Bill Stengel and Christopher Martinez capture these characteristics in their best light. To create the same style, you can borrow elements from a modern bedroom or take inspiration from a 70's Parisian home.

The 1970s Parisian look is a classic style that reflects the spirit of the era. This decor combines vintage and modern pieces to create a warm, cosy environment. It's a great style for small rooms as it creates a cozy atmosphere. It also combines the latest trends with classic style, with a gray color palette and an antique bed. Antique furniture and accessories are also a great way to achieve a classic look.

Primary colors

Primary colors are great choices for children's rooms, as they are versatile. Unlike baby colors, they go well with any pattern, and can also be used with funky shapes and styles. Here are some tips for decorating your child's bedroom with primary colors:

Try to use neutral or muted colors, such as white, to balance red accessories. Try to add a bit of texture with fabrics and textiles. Combine soft fabrics with rustic materials to create a more interesting environment. You can also mix and match vintage and modern textiles. You can also add a touch of drama with an eclectic mix of materials, including old fashioned wicker. Be sure to check the safety of the items before allowing your child to sleep with them.


If space is an issue, don't be afraid to incorporate storage in your child's room. Storage can make a bedroom more functional and spacious, and it can also be fun! Consider adding colorful storage boxes and cube organizers to the walls and floors. Or, install angled bookcases or hanging shelves on the walls for extra storage space. You can even purchase all-in-one art supply stations with built-in storage cabinets. If space is an issue, a bed alone can take up most of the room, so consider raising its height.

Adding cabinets and shelves to the walls is another great way to incorporate storage into your child's bedroom decor. These can be used to store stuffed toys and old clothing. They can also serve as a picture ledge. By utilizing space underneath a bed, you can make a room appear bigger than it actually is. A little creativity will go a long way in decluttering your child's bedroom.

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