Definitions and Terms Of Liability Insurance In Ontario

Definition of liability insurance: The simplest definition of "liability insurance" is insurance coverage to protect against alleged negligent or improper claims to cause personal injury or property damage.

People and organizations can and will make mistakes for which they are responsible when these actions are deemed to cause damage to the body or property of others. This is where insurance policies offer protection. Liability insurance is paid if the insured is found to be legally liable for negligence. In some situations, the coverage provides protection when the insured becomes "morally obligated" to the party injured by the insured's negligence. You can get more information about liability insurance in Ontario online via

Individuals/organizations vary widely in their social and business behavior, as well as the safeguards required to protect them. Each category of person/organization has a different layer that provides protection. Different people/organizations require different types/sizes of liability insurance.

Classification of Responsibilities

Personal Liability for Business Liability: Personal liability insurance provides coverage for individuals, whereas business liability insurance is for businesses. The 4-door sedan requires personal liability insurance. If the same vehicle is used for delivery, a commercial car policy may be required.

Personal liability coverage typically consists of personal policies such as Personal Car Policy (PAP), homeowners insurance, boat policies, and personal umbrellas. This insurance pays for damages caused by the insured against bodily injury, bodily injury, property damage, legal protection in respect of claims made against the insured.

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