Employee Cyber Security Training Tips

You can tell your coworkers not to use their cell phones at work, but they will likely use them when you are not looking. You can tell them not to download anything from trusted third parties, but they'll see a name they recognize and keep clicking. So, what are you doing?

Many companies will add cybersecurity policies to their employee manuals and won't talk about them again. This is a big mistake! Apart from providing your employees with in-depth training on this subject, you should also have them attend this training at least twice a year! You can look for the best cmmc consultants at https://www.getadvantage.com/cybersecurity-training/.

Data security training should shock employees into realizing that human error is a major cause of data breaches. Throw facts and statistics at them. While many preventative tips may seem plausible so far, we tend to be lazy and use abbreviations. Find a way to get your employees to give up their bad habits!

  • Train staff on the types of cyber threats there to understand warning signs and how to attack each threat.
  • Never share passwords (even internally) and don't buy one of these laptops for internet passwords to write and manage your logins!
  • Never connect a USB without knowing the origin and expected content.
  • Lock your computer if you step away from your desk for even a moment.
  • Be careful what is on the monitor before sharing the screen in a webinar or when other people are around.
  • Never share emails that are not related to your work as they may contain malicious attachments.

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