Enjoy Benefits Of Having Best Healthy Dark Chocolate

A lot of people prefer dark chocolate bars to milk chocolate bars. There are likely to be many more people who prefer milk chocolate. This could be due to the distinct taste of dark chocolate, which is slightly bitterer and more predominant than milk chocolate. 

This could also be due to personal preference. It is highly doubtful that this is primarily and solely for the health benefits, which are claimed to be different from dark chocolate. The taste is likely to be more important. If you are looking for the best quality chocolate then must buy it from Mandala Naturals.


The potential and actual health benefits of dark chocolate have been closely linked to the heart. This is believed to be due to epicatechin and flavonoids. The University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing conducted a study in which Dove Dark Chocolate was the main subject. 

These were provided by the American Cocoa Research Institute. These flavonoids were extracted from some and others left out. They took twenty-one otherwise healthy individuals and divided them into two groups. 

Each group would consume one to four ounces of chocolate per day. One group had flavonoids, while the other did not. These people were tested for blood vessel dilation after two weeks. It was found that people who had flavonoids had better blood flow as well as blood vessel function. 

These findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Is this a good indicator of the quality of dark chocolate bars? This could be because dark chocolate bars contain more flavonoids, which can help prevent blood clots that can later lead to heart attacks. 

It could, given that the cocoa plant itself is a plant. It is not enough to eat dark chocolate every day. To reap the health benefits of a healthy lifestyle, one must eat right and exercise. This includes limiting the consumption of dark chocolate. Any type of chocolate that is high in fats, sugars, and calories will defeat its purpose.

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