Finding Online Medical Advice

As a doctor, if you can search the internet, you have access to the best medical internet. The best way to find out how to find a doctor is to ask the doctor what they are looking for. 

However, if you don't have easy access to a doctor to ask questions, here are some tips you should know when seeking medical advice online. You can also search for some organizations like Blue Pages App that provide medical advice as well as some other help also.

Telemedicine: 10 Best Companies

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There are three types of medical information online: pages written by patients and pages written by doctors are two of the most important.

What doctors write is ordered based on the disease and the symptoms it causes. Patient-written pages are written from the opposite view. They describe symptoms to help make a diagnosis. Most patients search the Internet for patient-used terms while doctors write down what doctors use.

It's always easier to see a doctor when you have a diagnosis because you can use medical terms. If you are new to medical terms, there are still ways to find better information.

The third type of website is to make money from you. The quality of medical information is not their priority. Money usually comes from advertising, but sometimes it comes from the sale of drugs for which little or no medical evidence is available.

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