How Does Conversational AI work?

Conversational AI is currently changing the way people interact with the world. It can improve the way we communicate and interact with others, making our lives easier. By understanding what people are saying, conversational artificial intelligence can help us design better spatial layouts and interactions. One of the first and most popular use cases is chatbots, which can be found in a variety of apps on our phones. 

Image Source – Google

They allow us to communicate with people, even when we don’t know someone or if we’re not available. Companies like Amazon and Google are developing intelligent chatbots that converse with users through text-based conversations.

Conversational AI can learn from data generated by human interactions. It tends to be more efficient than machine learning, as it learns what humans expect more and less frequently rather than relying on algorithms alone. And it can also have more context than if a machine were to try to understand what the user meant without any explanation or context.

This makes it more useful in customer service and complex customer interactions, which are areas where human intervention is often required to make things effective. Conversational AI can be integrated into many other technologies such as voice recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and others.

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