How To Add Value To Your Products Through E-Commerce Web Solutions

Some companies add a surcharge to increase revenue. Taxis now charge extra for luggage hauled in the back seat versus the trunk. Hotel room charge extra to give you access to a secure room. Fast food restaurants began to charge for a cup of water. Computer hardware may not include the necessary cables; hence the manufacturer's revenue goes up.

If you are a service business, it might benefit you to sell your services by piece. For example, accounting services might cost $ 50 per hour, regardless of what it does. It sounds expensive if you target a smaller Mom and Pop shops. You can check out ecommerce web solution services via online resources.


If the product or service sold to the same person many times, offer volume discounts. This provides an incentive for customers to buy more. If you are running a house cleaning service, offer discounts to customers who hire you to some of the home clean such as landlords.

If you run a babysitting service, families with more than one child can get a discount for additional children. If you sell flower bulbs, offer discounts for orders over $ 50. By the same token, if a very small sale has the potential of losing money for you, add a penalty for smaller sales.


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