Invisalign Dental Braces for Beautiful Smile

Orthodontic treatment is designed by Align Technology. It has also been produced and distributed by the same company. This removable tooth aligner is also custom fit for the person who will be wearing it, thus ensuring an orthodontic appliance that is comfortable and hassle-free.  Find more about the treatment and its advantage here in this article.

The Cost of Having This Kind of Orthodontic Treatment

This type of treatment will cost more when compared with traditional dental braces. Depending on the gravity of orthodontic cases to be treated, the minimum cost of treatment is about $ 3,500. It can be as high as $ 8,000 dollars though. The average cost for this orthodontic treatment nationwide is about $ 5,000.

Advantages Over Traditional Dental Braces

When compared with the regular metal braces, these transparent teeth aligners offer several advantages. The wearer can remove these aligners when eating to prevent food particles from getting stuck in the aligner. Metal braces have a number of restrictions on the type of food that can be eaten because of this problem.

Also, Invisalign aligners are easy to clean because they are removable, unlike a dental brace where brushing, as well as flossing, requires more effort. As for comfort, these aligners are more comfortable than braces because it does not irritate or constantly poke the mouth. Since these teeth aligners are transparent, they are also virtually invisible and spare the wearer from being made a target by people who make fun of dental braces.

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