Major Hemorrhoids Types And Their Symptoms

What are the indicators to tell whether you have hemorrhoids, and do you have different kinds of treatment available for each kind of hemorrhoid? These are crucial questions to be answered if you are trying to determine how to treat hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoids: The Definitive Guide to Medical and Surgical Treatment Consult QD

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Internal Hemorrhoid:

The internal hemorrhoid is one that is the most likely to be bleeding, which can lead to blood coming out of the toilet after a bowel movement or blood that has been mixed with your poo. It's quite terrifying to see blood in that way however don't be afraid it's very normal. 

It is only necessary to be concerned when it lasts for longer than a couple of weeks or isn't responding to a natural cure for hemorrhoids. If it continues to go on, seek out a physician immediately. 

External Hemorrhoid:

As the name suggests, external hemorrhoid lies not inside the anal canal; or, in other words, you will probably feel it in the entryway into your anus. It's likely to feel like an extremely tender, small lump that is painful to the touch, and maybe irritation from your clothes or even when walking or cycling, sitting as well as running.

It can also be extremely sensitive when you go to the bathroom and could be a bit bleeding, showing in the form of bleeding on your toilet paper.

Hemorrhoid Fissure:

If you have only just a little bit of blood on your paper, but there is a large amount of pain at the apex of your anus it is likely that you suffer from a fissure hemorrhoid. They are extremely painful.

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