Mykonos Luxury Hotels – Your Guide to Nightlife

The Greek Island of Mykonos has a reputation as the party capital of Greece, and deservedly so. Because of the immense variety of nightlife available on this lively island, you should rely on the staff at the Mykonos luxury hotels to be your guide through this maze of revelry.

Curelessly wandering the streets in hope of finding the right mix of food, music, and clientele will leave you exhausted and wondering what the fuss is all about. First, you should think about what it is you are seeking in your night’s entertainment and then approach the concierge or other staff of Mykonos luxury hotels for advice. They live on the island and know all the hot spots, best hotels in mykonos greece as well as the best ways to get to them.

Looking forward to “people watching” during the evening? Be sure to let the staff of the Mykonos luxury hotels know the kind of people you like to watch. There are many clubs and bars on Mykonos that draw certain ages as well as certain sexual preferences. If you would enjoy observing lively young people of both sexes, meeting and mingling, dancing in the streets (and sometimes on top of the bars,) you will be directed to areas of the town that attract them. Many clubs also cater to a gay population and offer entertainment featuring performers in drag. Perhaps you are hoping to observe a slightly more genteel, sophisticated crowd. The staff of Mykonos luxury hotels is your invaluable source for an enjoyable evening out.

Be sure to let the staff of Mykonos luxury hotels know the type of music you enjoy since the mood for many nightspots is influenced by the music they offer. You will find everything from heavy rock, pop, modern and traditional Greek, to classical music offerings throughout the area. The right music is often key to your satisfaction.

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