Oriental Area Rug Designs

Oriental rugs come from a region that includes China, Vietnam, Turkey, and the Maghreb, Cyprus, Iran, India, and the Caucasus. This property is known for its beautiful rugs.

The relationship between oriental rugs and the floor on which they are created is deeply rooted. Each region has a carpet design. You can get the best information about oriental area rugs via https://www.rugs2go.com/collections/oriental-rug

oriental area rugs

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The beauty of oriental carpets lies in their symmetry and selection of bright colors that do not fade when used. For most rugs, the design is typically exposed in two areas: the edge and plane of the carpet.

The design can be roughly divided into curved and straight. Flower motifs are curved designs because they have curved contours and surfaces. Geometric patterns and chevron motifs are straightforward designs.

Indian and Pakistani rugs

Indian and Pakistani carpet production is heavily influenced by Persia. So the rugs from this area have the same floral and geometric patterns. Newer designs have an embossed or engraved effect. These rugs usually have simple planes and a patterned frame.

Carpet from the territory of Turkey

Turkey is famous for its small prayer mats. Some foreign rugs also use prayer patterns. But very few Persian rugs or other tapestries from Central Asia have this prayer design. Smooth texture. These rugs are mainly available in tribal and geometric designs.

Carpet from China

Carpets made in China are different from other oriental carpets. The designs are distinct and regional, with dragons, flowers, and pastel vegetable or chrome colors.

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