Passports, Identity Cards, And Dutch Nationality Certificates

You are able to travel and identify yourself using the passport and identity card. A Dutch identity certificate can be used to confirm the validity of your Dutch nationality. Requesting a new passport or renewing your existing one Requesting a Dutch visa abroad Requesting an urgent passport

Dutch nationality certificates

If you plan to relocate overseas, plan to marry, or are qualified for certain positions (some civil service jobs for instance) it is possible that you will need to prove that you're a Dutch citizen. If you want to travel to Germany then you can buy real quality dutch identity cards from various online resources.

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If you are living abroad and want to apply for an Dutch identity document (bewijs Van Nederlanderschap) at the Dutch Embassy or Dutch consulate within the nation in which you reside. If you reside in the Netherlands you could apply to the Population Affairs Department (Afdeling Burgerzaken) of your municipal.

To be qualified for the Dutch nationality certificate To be eligible, you must:

You can be the Dutch nation;

(if you reside in the Netherlands) must be recognized as a resident of the municipality in which you filed your application.

provide a valid identity card.

The validity period of Dutch nationality certificates

The validity period for Dutch nationality certificates isn't stipulated in the law. The organization that requests to view the certificate may determine the duration of validity.

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