Questions To Ask A New Sewer Contractor in Los Angeles

The ten most important questions you’ll want to ask each plumber:

1. Are you a licensed sewer contractor? 

Never assume the plumber has a license. Verify the license on the State of California’s website and save yourself money plus the headache of failing expensive compliance inspections.

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2. Do you have insurance for home or commercial projects? 

Proper insurance will cover any incidents caused by the company on your property.

3. Do you offer a warranty for the work you complete? 

A solid warranty ensures that any work performed by the company is guaranteed and that they will come back to fix problems caused during the repair without additional cost. For Pipe Spy, this is typically a period of three years.

4. Is the estimate for the total cost? 

Many plumbers offer free estimates but beware of anyone who provides them over the phone.

In underground sewer projects, engineers can run into unforeseen complexities with adjacent utility lines, changes in the composition of the ground material, poor sloping, and other challenges that can cause your estimate to increase. Be sure to schedule a sewer video inspection to minimize the chance of increasing costs.

5. How long before you can begin my project? 

The best plumbers in your area will undoubtedly have a two-week minimum for starting projects. Some weeks that turnaround time will be faster and during the busiest time of the season it may be slower.

Have a start date in mind if you have a deadline to meet for the completion of your project. A good plumber will work with you.

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