Quick Checklist to Keep Your Boat in Shape

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If you think about boat maintenance, having a quick checklist will be handy. Isn’t it? In addition, such a thing will keep your boat healthy as well. Following is the boat maintenance checklist that will help keep your boat in the water for a long time.

Motor care and boat battery

It is a great idea to polish your motor with fibreglass to prevent it from salt and sun. Under the cowl, spray your motor with a water displacer after every six months.

Caring for fibreglass and aluminium hulls

Clean the saltwater from the hull because it is a major enemy of boats. Also, wash your aluminium boats with soapy and spongy water. Ensure that your boat is housed from outside and inside. It can easily drain, remove sinkers, hooks, and other materials in the aluminium hull bottom.

Trailer maintenance

The essential maintenance for the boat trailer is to hose down the springs, brake, axles, and frames to make sure the salt is removed from it. A daily check-up for wear and tear and brake adjustment is recommended.

Upholstery and canopies

When you wash your boats to remove salt, also clean seats and canopies. Lubricate the canopy zips with a candle, surf wax, or silicon spray if required. And lubricate the press studs with less amount of Vaseline to protect them from the rip out or failure of the canopy.

Cushions and seats should be kept in a place where they can easily dry and drain and contain a protective coating such as an armorial applied twice a year.

Australian boat builders can guide you about the best approach to boat maintenance when you buy from them.

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