Three Great Tips to Lower the Cost of Rental Private Jet

If you can negotiate a good deal, renting a private jet isn't as expensive as it seems. This article will show you three ways to reduce the cost of your next private plane rental.

It's not just for the wealthy anymore to rent a private jet. Many charter companies offer low-cost charters. You can also check and book private jet services online. These tips will help you lower the cost of private charters.

Tip 1- Ask your agent for help in finding dead links or deadheads. This basically means that someone booked a flight from one city to another but didn't book the return. In such cases, the owners would rather have anyone fly back with them at a reduced price.

Tip 2- Are you flexible with travel dates? You will be more likely to get a better deal if you are flexible. Private jet services often have trouble booking their jets every day, so you will find more deadhead flights. You can often find a day when they're not busy, and you will get a great deal.

Tip 3- Ask around at your local airport. Agents or booking agencies usually book the flights. The jet owner must pay a commission. You could save hundreds of dollars if you book directly with the local service.

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