What Is A Mini Split Air conditioner?

You are sweltering in the summer heat because your home doesn't have the necessary ductwork for central air conditioning. You might have thought about a window conditioner but aren't ready to deal with the noise or inconvenience of having it installed and taken out every season. If this is you, then it's time to look at a Waltham ductless AC  system.

What is it?

Mini-split systems, also known as "ductless air conditioners", are a hybrid of central air conditioning and portable window units. Split is the name given to it because it has two units: the compressor is located outside the building and the wall-mounted air handler inside. 

How much is it?

Because it requires professional installation, a mini-split system can be more costly than a window unit. The compressor is located outside of the home and is, therefore, more efficient. It is also quieter than a window unit.

How do I install it?

You must be a licensed HVAC contractor to install the coolant. The installation requires electricity, drainage, and lines for the coolant. The coolant will need to be charged by your contractor.

Is there a hole in the wall or something?

Yes, the hole must be made to fit the tubing connecting the compressor to the air handler. However, the hole will only measure 3 inches in diameter. The exact dimensions will depend on the distance between the outdoor and indoor units.

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