What Makes A Perfect Gift For Grandma?

I am looking for a sewing machine for my grandmother. I am searching for a site that gives honest sewing machine reviews since it is very important that I find just the right machine for my grandmother. She used to sew quite a bit until her old sewing machine finally gave out. I would love to surprise her with a new sewing machine.

The machine needs to be easy to use first and foremost. My grandmother is quite elderly and her vision is less than fantastic. I do not think she would do well with a newfangled machine with lots of technology. I think that the simpler the better is the best route to go with her.

I do not foresee her using the machine for any heavy duty projects, just light sewing perhaps making some baby clothes for her new great grandson. The problem I am having is that when I search sewing machine reviews most of the reviewers are experts and they are recommending machines that offer a lot more potency that my grandmother needs or would be comfortable with. I need to find a site that offers very honest sewing machine reviews so that I can pick out just the right machine for Granny!

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