Messenger Bot A Revolutionizing the Way People Communicate

The Facebook Messenger Bot is the latest release by a chat bot company, named VoiceBot. This chat bot offers four different services like transcription, translation, statistical analysis, and personalization. There are a lot of chat bot services that already exist like Facebook's Fan Page, Twitter's SMS capability, and the Google+ social network. However, this new product … Continue reading "Messenger Bot A Revolutionizing the Way People Communicate"

How To Use A Messenger Bot?

Facebook Chatbot is the latest craze on the internet and with good reason. Facebook Messenger Bots is revolutionizing the internet right now. They have completely transformed the online marketing game. In order to understand why Messenger Bot is such a big deal, it's first important to understand what a Messenger Bot is. Essentially, this is … Continue reading "How To Use A Messenger Bot?"