Enfamil Lawsuits For NEC In Premature Babies

A growing number of development liability lawsuits have been filed against Enfamil, the well-known infant formula. Recent medical evidence has prompted Enfamil lawsuits.

It was based on recent medical evidence that Enfamil formulas (made from cow milk) can be dangerous for premature babies due to their increased risk of getting necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). You can consult a lawyer dealing with NEC formula cases through https://necformulalawsuit.com/nec-formula-lawyers.aspx.

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Mead Johnson Nutrition, which makes Enfamil has been aware of the evidence linking Enfamil to NEC in premature infants. Mead Johnson Nutrition, which makes Enfamil, has not included any warnings on Enfamil's product labeling and even promoted it as safe for preemies.

The parents of premature babies who were affected by Enfamil-related NEC and died or suffered permanent injuries are now suing Mead Johnson and seeking financial compensation.

For preterm infants, Enfamil can be dangerous. Enfamil, the most popular brand of infant formula, is manufactured by Mead Johnson (an international health products company). Mead Johnson manufactures a variety of infant formula products under Enfamil. Nearly all Enfamil formula products come from cow milk.

NEC is a gastrointestinal infection that can infect young infants' intestinal wall tissue. NEC is particularly dangerous because the bacteria can quickly eat through the intestinal tissues of wall, causing necrosis and ultimately a perforation or hole in the stomach or intestine.

This can lead to harmful bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract leaking out and infecting the abdominal cavity. This can eventually lead to systemic bloodstream infections and even death.

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