Managing Stress and Mental Health to Improve Performance

So much is reported in the media about stress levels and other mental health problems (depression, panic attacks, etc.) that it is puzzling why so many organizations and managers do nothing about it.

Because managers focus on efficiency, results, profits, etc., this can help broaden their vision to recognize the costs and effects of stress in their team or throughout the organization. It is essential to have mental health training.

Although stress can be caused by many factors or combinations, 65% of people say that it is due to work-related problems. To exacerbate management's lack of attention to stress and mental health problems, 29% of people in one study believed that their boss did something about stress. 49% believe that stress is worse because they don't trust management.

Management's attitudes differ, but it is clear that many are reluctant to acknowledge the problems that can be caused by these things for business. Whatever the reason, 45% of managers do not believe there are mental health problems.

This continuation of attitudes and behavior not only maintains the status quo, but can also cause legal problems for the organization and the possibility of individual managers. Stress is regulated in the Health and Safety Act at Work, which requires you to look after your employees.

However, managers must support and want to help their employees cope with stress factors to achieve positive results in terms of performance improvement.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to change things for the better and to deal with stress and mental health. In fact, many actions you can take can pay for all of the initial costs.

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