Real Estate Investor Power Team – Building a Property Investing Team

What is the energy team of real estate investors you ask? This is an outsourcing team of people you can rely on to help with your real estate investment business.

I'm talking about accountants for real estate investors, lawyers, bank managers, creditors, real estate agents, brokers, etc…

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You will need these people to complete the deals on most of your real estate deals. Since you need these people, you should probably find them before you need their services.

Now I know that while I barely knew what to do as a new real estate investor and how to buy it all, you were probably thinking about how to find all these people. In fact, you will find a way to pay them when you need their services.

The best way to find a strong team in a short period of time is to look for other investors or brokers who are also investors. ask for their recommendations. If you offer to include them in your future real estate deal, they are more likely to give referrals to some of their team members.

Below, I've listed the business professionals you may need on your real estate investment team from time to time.

1. Broker

2. Reviewer

3. Contractor

4. Mortgage Brokers

5. Private Lenders (Hard Money)

6. Real estate lawyer

7. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

8. Insurance Agent

9. Bank manager

10. Title Agent

11. Home inspector

12. Investors (real estate and finance)

13. Bird Dog (Guys How To Find A Deal For You)

14. Urban planning

15. General cleaner

16. Landscape

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