Small Garden Design Ideas – Introduction

One of the challenges in designing a small garden is of course the space needed. Unlike big parks, you need to be more disciplined. You can also get the best garden edging ideas in Australia While experimenting is easier on smaller pages, it can take a long time to plan.

You will have to make do with fewer types of plants. Rather than buying a new plant, spend more time thinking about possible new plants in terms of distribution, height, color, and texture.

 With smaller gardens, things like hidden curves and garden spaces aren't easy to do. However, that doesn't mean you have to throw away the elements of modern garden design.

You have the ability to do things like that on a smaller scale. Imagine that you have a small garden behind your yard. He's on the right as you walk towards him.

You can start with a low box fence or, in my case, a stone about 30 cm high with a sharp tip. My stone is about 3 feet long. I place the rock vertically and touch the walls of my garage, forming a ridge-like edge.

If you step back, the rock-shaded area will show up first. I tried to do this more dramatically using multi-colored peonies planted very close to the stone wall near the garage wall so you can see the tiny bursts of color that remain hidden until you really scale down. reached. This is my version of the hidden curve.

Although large stones such as rocks and walls may not be affected, you can still create the illusion of separation by using fences, rocks like in my example a gravel river like a Japanese garden, etc.

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