Things To Remember While Hiring An iOS Developer

An iOS engineer needs to be well versed in practically every major aspect of iOS development. In particular, depending on what your app does, do a little research on some core technologies that'll likely be involved. Are you a news app? Then someone with particular expertise with Core Text is probably essential.

Do you work with a lot of media (streaming video, encoding, etc.)? Then someone who knows AV Foundation is what you need. Games? OpenGL is a must. Apple has a lot of good, high-level guides that talk about all the technologies available to developers for particular tasks (audio, graphics, networking, etc.).

You can use these as a basis for what specializations you should look for in a senior iOS developer. You can also browse to sites like, to find an iOS developer.

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Here are some of the absolute essentials that you'll definitely need someone to have a few years of solid experience with:

  • UIKit
  • Foundation
  • Core Foundation
  • Core Animation
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Data

If your app is particularly rich with transitions and animations, Core Animation intimacy is a requirement. If the candidate has a taste for design and has previous experience working closely with UI designers, then that's a really good sign.

Ask to see what apps they've built. Ask them what particular parts of apps they were responsible for. Ask them how they decide whether to use a third-party library or roll their own implementation.

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