Michael S Smith: Decorate Your Home with Lights

Michael S Smith

Lighting is the main aspect of interior decoration, and it plays a vital role in providing a certain style and ambiance to your home and its interiors. However, lighting is essential to illuminate the dark space to perform any task easily, and General lighting is needed where safety and visibility are required. You can add Michael S Smith lights in your home as they offer perfect glamour to your home.

Keep on reading this article to learn about how to create a soothing ambiance in your home by using different lights. By this, you will also learn which one is best suited for different spaces in your home:-

Living Room:

You can install the bulbs on the ceiling of your room or in those hard-to-reach lighting pendants where intense task lighting is needed. In addition, you can choose the downlights to distribute the brightening light. In this way, you will take care of task lighting.

You will give a luminous glow in your room by installing striped light on your ceiling. It will help to illuminate the dark corners of your home. They are also known as cove lighting. You can choose the color of the different types of lights according to your wall color. Additionally, these lights will complement your room by adding glamour and depth to your interiors.

Dining Room:

The dining room has a cabinet or two, which are used to add the cutlery and crockery collection. You also have to pay special attention to this. In this place, you can install a chandelier with candle bulbs, and it helps to add appeal to your dining room. Any glass cabinet in your place can be lit up with the background of strip lighting. You can highlight showpieces, family photo collages, and paintings by using either spotlight on the top of the photo collage or lighting strips in the background. It helps to provide special attention to special people in your life.


The kitchen is traditional a significant area in your home. By equipping it with the trendiest and most attractive lighting sources, you can make it cool. Moreover, you have to need task lighting right above your cooking range. If you want to add brightness to your kitchen, use panel lights. Add the strip lights below the kitchen slaps; they will accentuate and illuminate your kitchen design and decor in a classy way.


Amplify the look of your bathroom space with energy-efficient light ideas. You can replace routine tube lights and CFL bulbs with playful, interesting wall-mounted pendants and lamps. Choose the glass brick for the smaller cabinets chalked out to keep the cosmetics and toiletries. You can also couple this glass brick with the small light at the back; the light will pass through the glass brick and create a magnetic effect. In this way, you will not need to produce ample light for your bathroom interiors.

Wrapping Up:

The decor of your home tells about your taste and personality. To make it delight for the eyes, you will need to add the use of the Michael S Smith lights.

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