Understand Asbestos Inspection Methods before Hiring a Professional

testing in Newcastle asbestos

If you own an old property that you are willing to demolish, remodel, or sell, you will need an asbestos inspection done. That’s because it may contain asbestos because of construction materials from the past. And while the fibers were sitting silently, any act of disturbing them can spread them around and cause health hazards. This applies to you even when you are planning to buy a property to ensure your safety.

Different Approaches to Asbestos Inspection

These dangerous fibrous elements can be present anywhere in the building. Through testing, professionals find if asbestos is present in a material or equipment or is in the air inside. For this, they follow these two approaches to get the best results.

  • Air Sampling: Testing experts use the right protective gear to carry a cartridge inside the contaminated area for testing the air. The cartridge pulls air inside. This is then tested for the amount of fibers present. Once the results are ready, you can find the level of asbestos exposure in a particular area.
  • Material Sampling: Zero asbestos exposure in the air is considered good. But it isn’t the only place where fibers can be. Professionals analyze the space and collect samples of materials they doubt to be infected. These samples are collected in sealed bags that ensure the fibers don’t escape during transport and testing.

All the collected samples then move to the lab to test the presence, type, and exposure of asbestos. Based on the results of asbestos testing in Newcastle, professionals will lay down a plan for the successful and risk-free removal of those fibrous materials from your place.

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