What Can You Expect From A Dental Crown Procedure?

Dental crowns can be used to fix damaged teeth. They can also be used to support and restore dental bridges. Dental crowns can be made from metal or ceramic and are designed to look like teeth. The dentist will determine which type of crown is best for you.

There are many types of dental crowns. Because of their aesthetic issues, metal crowns are not as popular. They are easily visible from the outside and are therefore not visually appealing.

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They are however very useful in terms of their functionality. They are durable and last a long time. Common metals for dental crowns are gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium alloys.

Ceramic crowns can be made from porcelain, artificial resins, or other dental-quality ceramics. Ceramic crowns look very much like your natural tooth. Ceramics, just like enamel, are slightly translucent and retain the same natural luster as regular teeth.

Two steps are required for dental crowns. To accommodate the crown, the dentist first removes thin enamel layers from the natural teeth. The same procedure is used for nearby teeth.

The impression is taken and the crown is made in a dental lab. Temporary crowns are then placed for approximately two weeks. After the permanent crown is fabricated, temporary crowns can be removed and permanent crowns cemented in place.

Dental crowns can last a lifetime. Crowns can last between 10 and 15 years if they are kept clean. The crowns might need to be replaced after this time. The wear and tear, decay, or poor fitting may require crown replacement.

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